Top 6 favourite actors/actresses

by missizziemcguinness

Actors help a film to become beneficial to watch with the help of the imagination of the director. Here are 6 actors who I find myself watching and admiring whenever I watch their films. I couldn’t narrow it down to 5.

1.) Robert Pattinson


People now type cast him as ‘The Guy from Twilight’ but I think that he is alot more than that in terms of being an actor. I have watched some of his out of Twilight and Harry Potter roles, and he has so much potential, yet he can use his ‘pretty boy’ face that people only see him as as a basis for a generally tormented man with inner demons. He may not be like this in real life, but in every interview that I have watched him in, he always has to fit in some sort of joke or inappropriate comment. I hope he chooses more challenging roles like The Rover or Remember Me in the future, and for some reason I think he would suit being in an animated film. He’s done some rubbish movies- I personally disliked Bel Ami and I cannot sit through Cosmopolis but there have been ones where he has shown how good he really is if he doesn’t get a rubbishy script i.e The Rover, Water For Elephants and Remember Me.

2.) Christoph Waltz-


He was only metaphorically dug out of the rocks by Quentin Tarantino about 6/7 years ago, but Christoph Waltz does have the skill to have the stage presence in the scene as he freezes time so that everyone watches him because he is so mesmorizing. Even if the particular film is rubbish, he is usually the only decent/watch able actor out of the whole film. Being the king of playing a villain is an understatement, because I think it is rather demoralizing to put someone like Christoph Waltz into a category considering that he was worked his way to the top for longer than the time that I have been on this earth, and he has that evil glint in his eyes that you never see in his interviews.  My favourite films of his are probably Django Unchained, Water For Elephants and maybe The Zero Theorem, but he provided a good voice for his charecter in Epic. He has also earnt whatever he has got i.e two Oscars, Star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

3.) Hugo Weaving-


He is so underrated considering that he has been in up to 5 huge blockbuster movies. As he changes in basically every single film that he is in, he always has something else to offer at a different angle. It is not all about the blockbusters when it comes to an actor like this guy, it is what is behind all the CGI effects that we see all the different charecters that he plays. He has been in more films than I expected, and when he was younger, he was diagnosed with epilepsy. He looks so distinguished that you probably wouldn’t know who he is unless you looked him up or followed one of his die hard fans on Twitter, and without access to his usual comfort blanket of facial expressions, he can still carry a character using various ways of body language i.e his distinguished facial features. So far, I cannot choose a favourite film of his, because he always has other things to offer whether it is on stage (he is also a stage actor) or in one of his many films, playing a character from a freedom fighter to an elf king to a drag queen, the latter which always has hilarious and convincing results. His interviews are always rather interesting because he refuses to acknowledge his top-actor status and he actually has quite a bit of IQ like his V for Vendetta co-star Natalie Portman. 

4.) Natalie Portman-

Actress Portman attends news conference at 65th Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin

I must admit that Natalie Portman is a very pretty actress to the point of some sort of girl-crush level. I personally think that she is a  very good actress, and stands out as a character because she kicks ass and generally comes across as being badass and rebellious; whereas some films portray women as sexual objects, therefore she is an example to all young women. She is also a very smart celebrity, making that balance between glamorous woman and brainy balanced so she isn’t seen as a gossip-magazine airhead last seen on TOWIE, and she has regular acting breaks to focus on other things regarding her personal life, to direct or so that she does not go insane like other former child actors.

5.) Tom Hanks-

Tom Hanks

This guy is just legendary. There has only been one boring film of his which I have seen, but he is still a living legend; an iconic man for many generations and decades, and many generations to come (I would honestly want my future family to sit down and watch Big, the Toy Story films, Saving Mr Banks etc with the same intention that  he is awesome). It was also very good of him to appear in Carly Rae Jepsen’s video ‘I really like you’ considering their difference in target markets.

6.) James Dean-


One of the ongoing questions is what would he be like as an actor if he hadn’t tragically died in the car accident in 1955. Would he be a style icon for most men, boys and up and coming actors, an inspiration for so many people, or would he want to change himself so much so that he would become a boring has-been with a legacy. He only did three movies in his lifetime, yet he was the inventor of a new brand of the 50s called a ‘teenager’ which is no longer a stage between childhood and adulthood and he was a fashion icon, particularly in Rebel Without a cause with the iconic blue trousers, white t-shirt and red jacket (the only film that I have admittedly seen of his so far). I think there is also an upcoming Robert Pattinson film about him (Dean, not Pattinson).

Who are your favourite actors or actresses?