Healing (2014)

by missizziemcguinness


Go Yasmine. All that is seeking is seeking you’

Healing is an independent Australian prison drama about a prison inmate called Viktor (Don Hany) who is given the responsibility to look after broken birds (and develops a relationship with them) by a case worker called Matt Perry (Hugo Weaving), a man who is troubled by the loss of his daughter. The film also stars Xavier Samuel as an inmate called Paul.

The movie itself is a visually stunning masterpiece, with the long and lingering shots of birds flying on a clear sky which probably take up most of the film’s duration; and I think that it was good that it is not even a very big film; because having a million dollar budget would ruin the artistic tone which comes with the rarity of an independent film which a couple of awesome actors thrown in.

The actors were brilliant. I’ve only ever seen Xavier Samuel as some vampire in the third Twilight film, but this proved that he had more to offer as another prison inmate, and as Hugo Weaving is one of my favourite actors ever; it was good to see him slip off his Elrond, V and his other characters mask and just act in a way which is closer to his home and where he is comfortable, even if he only needed to stand around and be intimidating for about two hours.

The cinematography is stunning, the soundtrack fits the slow and steady mood of the movie and I didn’t realize how long shots of birds can be so beautiful and artistic. It isn’t the best film ever, nor is it the worst and it would be nothing without Hugo Weaving’s ever- majestic performance which no other actor can even reach (slightly irrelevent, not even Christoph Waltz can reach it) and the ability to move you. At times I ignored the supporting actors roles and acting because his powerful presence on screen can freeze the scene and make viewers only watch him. It is original, I don’t think many directors have explored a prison drama at this angle before, and no other director never will.

Outstanding acting, moving, great cinematography but a bit slow at times.