Titanic (1997)

by missizziemcguinness


‘I’m the king of the world!’

James Cameron directs this movie, based on the  ill-fated passenger ship which sank on this day 103 years ago. The movie is about a wealthy woman Rose (Kate Winslet) and a indigent artist Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) who meet on the Titanic and fall in love on the doomed voyage.

Some people love it, some people find it cheesy and some either like it or hate it from Celine Dion’s famous song ‘My Heart Will go on’. It is the movie that properly defined Leo Dicaprio as a teen heartthrob but at the same time, it was about twenty million over budget to make from James Cameron, but instead of being an overpriced flop, it made millions at the box office until it was overtaken by Avatar (2009).

I actually first watched this movie with my sisters when I was six, and it has not bored me in the many viewings that I have had of it since. With every romance story, there is always the ‘hot/kind bloke saving the poor woman from the evil or vindictive guy’ which is like Jack and Rose, with her fiancee Cal (Billy Zane).

Leo DiCaprio was reasonably good in this movie until you see him in daring later roles which makes his character  Jack sweet and innocent, and Kate Winslet was brilliant as she often is but Billy Zane relied on his face acting to carry his character along. I don’t think the people at the time realized the suspicious ‘unsinkable ship’ would come as a shock to then when it sank, but I don’t think we should poke fun at the biggest natural disaster ever.