She’s the Man

by missizziemcguinness


‘I’m allergic to the sun’

Based fairly loosely on William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, She’s the Man is about a female footballer called Viola (Amanda Bynes) who dresses up as her brother Sebastian to make it into the boys’ football team when the girl’s team is cut and falls in love with the team striker Duke (Channing Tatum), unknown of the consequences that will come with dressing as a boy.

Although this movie is primarily a teen chick flick, the basis proves some form of feminism and proves that women/girls can do or play whatever they want, even proving to men that they are good at a stereotypically male sport such as football and everyone has a secret to hide. At times it was very clichéd and I think that there has been other similar films just like this one, and watching it all the time makes it predictable and tiresome,but very quotable. It gives the complications involving love, hints of feminism while still applying it to Shakespeare’s age old play to a sport like football and modern day.

I suppose that this is the sort of film that you don’t need to think about anything to watch it, if you need a good laugh and is socially acceptable to quote (mostly if you are a teenager) and the cast are good considering the target age, before Amanda Bynes’ years of legal troubles.

Funny, entertaining with some good moments (um,I get really bad nosebleeds) and a generally good film.