Freaky Friday (2003)

by missizziemcguinness


‘Because it will go into your stomach and straight onto my thighs!’

Freaky Friday is a teen remake of the 1977 Jodie Foster movie of the same name,which explores the body-switching theme and follows the generation gap of an overworked mother Tess (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her daughter Anna (Lindsay Lohan) who switch bodies after a curse at a Chinese restaurant involving a fortune cookie.

Having seen this film countless time since I was younger, it is one of the ones which allow you to sit down and watch as many times as you want and it never seems old. Although the relationship between my mother and I is closer than the two main characters; under no circumstances would I want to switch with her, even if it involves a fortune cookie. My mum would be in front of the TV or computer watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy, while I would be watching soaps or cleaning up or actually going to work.

Anyway, slightly off topic. Jamie Lee Curtis was brilliant in this standard of movie as the mother, and she somewhat reminds me of my kind hearted old year six teacher. Lindsay Lohan was actually very good as the typical 15 year old rocker after the ‘hot’ guy, juggling band commitments, failing grades, an annoying younger brother called Harry (Ryan Malgarini) and realizing that she swapped places with the person that she despises the most-her mother, bearing in mind that this was slightly before Mean Girls and long before she went downhill as an actress.

I have not seen the original, and I have a feeling that it is not as good, but I cannot exactly judge.

Great cast, funny, one which you can watch over and over again. Some of the cliches are very worn out, though.

Also starring Mark Harmon.