Django Unchained (2012)

by missizziemcguinness

‘The D is silent’

Quentin Tarantino directs his usual bloodbath of a movie set around 1858 and is about a slave caled Django (Jamie Foxx) who is rescued by a German dentist- turned bounty hunter who goes by Dr King Shultz (Christoph Waltz) and together they find Django’s wife Bromhilda (Kerry Washington), a slave sold to the plantation owner Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio) in Candyland.

Many of those who are not familiar with/have not watched Tarantino stuff would generally find the movie long, tedious and sometimes goes off on a tangent, and would never wish to see such horrific events shown on screen again, even if the movie is well into the 18 rating bracket, and contains over 100 uses of the ‘N’ word.

Django Unchained is probably not my favourite movie as much as Tarantino is not my absolute favourite director, however it is not one of the worst ones that I have had to sit through, even with all the plot holes, inaccuracies and controversy. If I was to see an accurate Tarantino movie, I am probably on another planet, and where do you see accurate events? On documentries, not a piece of Tarantino work.

The cast and soundtrack, however, is brilliant. Christoph Waltz was cogent as Shultz, making him stand out in a scene. He is not one to method act but adjusts to his character very well in a realistic way that keeps longer than the two and a half hours, and he eventually wins his well deserved second Oscar. He also claims that Tarantino writes ‘poetry’, a statement that is somewhat true but I don’t find anything poetic about bloodbaths and gore. Jamie Foxx was convincing, and as for Leonardo DiCaprio, you would half expect him to be a usual sex obsessed womaniser or reasonably good guy, but he gets up and screams when he smashes his hand, and watches as those below each other beat each other to death. Kerry Washington was stunning and you could really see the fear in her eyes at Samuel L. Jackson’s charecter’s domineering presence.

If you like long films and old western styles, along with Tarantino’s usual shocking touch of gore and violence, you will love this movie (if you haven’t already).

Great cast and a somewhat good but prolonged film, but the hype was really over Tarantino’s usual, and he is not scared to add as much violence and revenge as possible to prove a point. Even if that point takes two and a half hours and a heap load of Awards at various 2013 ceremonies to prove it.