Sleeping Beauty (1959)

by missizziemcguinness

‘You loved me at once the way you did once upon a dream’

Sleeping Beauty is an original classic Disney film about a girl called Aurora (voiced by Mary Costa) who is put under a spell by the evil queen Maleficent and can only be woken 100 years later by a true love’s kiss from Prince Philip (not the Queen’s husband).

This use to be my favourite film when I was little, and even now I am amazed by the detailed drawing and general animation of the movie that no Disney film can create past the age of the Disney Renaissance. The colour of Sleeping Beauty is rather dark, thereby giving a dark edge rather than a bright in your -face- one.

The whole awoken- by your true love’s kiss has been done a million times to the point where it is a cliché, but Sleeping Beauty is done in such an original way that there is more than what it is about which has been the basis to other fairy-tales and Disney films. It also cannot be interpreted from another character’s perspective, as shown by the rather disappointing Maleficent , and when it is recreated it does not have that original touch.

The Soundtrack, particuarly ‘once upon a dream’ is brilliant and I admit to singing along to it on my sister’s CD player as a young kid, not forgetting how much I wanted to be Princess Aurora with her pretty pink dress.

Stunning but dark animation, classic and original.