The Rover

by missizziemcguinness

‘Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful’ 

David Michod writes and directs a rather under-rated but heavily spoiled ‘The Rover’ , a rather short movie about a cold tempered man called Eric (Guy Pearce) who tracks down the people who stole his car, and on his way crosses paths with a dim simpleton called Rey (Robert Pattinson) whos brother abandoned him, all set ten years after a collapse.

This is definitely not my favourite film, even if it has Robert Pattinson in it; who quite obviously shines as Rey, looking in the bleak distance with his murky face, lonely eyes, bad teeth and clothing with fear and enough to convince a solid audience. As for Guy Pearce, he played a very interesting Eric, but it was hard to get use to him in this sort of role as I have only seen him in The Kings Speech.

It is not very word heavy, in fact, I saw it as a 90 minute road movie with lots of guns and two men want to track down their car and their brother (respectively), and it was only after the movie had ended when I remembered what I saw and thought ‘ok do you think the director wants us to think…… which led to the events leading up to the end of the film’. It also allowed Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson etc  to show that their actions spoke louder than their words. I felt like I had seen most of it in the interview clips but when I watched the whole film, it started to come together.

I had watched interviews of either Guy Pearce or Robert Pattinson previously, but maybe their very dressed up view of the film somewhat misleaded my opinion of it. This one might need a rewatch at some point, but for now I should say that the performances of the two leads, as well as the other cast members were ok, and the colour scheme; (though not as lavish) of the the blues, black, grey, brown fitted with the grim dystopia of The Rover.

As an obvious longterm fan of Robert Pattinson, it was exciting to see him in a role where he was not playing a vampire or a misleaded love interest.

Good soundtrack, excellent cast but somewhat lacked development-maybe it doesn’t need it?

Based on a story by David Michod and Joel Edgerton.

3 / 5