The Lord of the Rings: Two towers

by missizziemcguinness

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‘Master is a friend, Master betrayed us’

Peter Jackson returns and directs the second out of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The ongoing quest to destroy the ring continues, so Frodo (Elijah Wood) and his fellow friends and hobbits defend themselves as Saraman (Christopher Lee) and his army approach, so both sides must defeat each other in the battle between the two towers.

The imposing soundtrack does not fail to impress, nor does the symbolism in the water, which may or may not relate to J.R.R Tolkien’s time in the war. The cinematography is spectacular, with all the greens for countryside, blue maybe in battle and red/orange, to distinguish each scene or symbol i.e Gandalf with his white horse and costume amongst a generally dark setting.

However, I found that this movie was the awkward middle one between the Fellowship of the Ring and Return of the King, both of which are maybe the better out of the trilogy. I suppose this one carries on and pieces together where the former left off, and foreshadows the chain of events in the final film, but I didn’t have so much of a passion for this one.

I know it is typical for a Lord of the Rings film, or any movies of the fantasy genre such as Harry Potter to have most of it taken up with battle, but I often wished for this one to end, until it came to the ending itself when it gradually started to piece up loose ends that were left behind. Maybe I start to overthink things, but past the two hour mark of most films, regardless of how good they are, makes me drift elsewhere.

Overall, terrific performances from the cast, Ian McKellan, Cate Blanchett, Elijah Wood, Christopher Lee and many more.