Good Will Hunting

by missizziemcguinness


‘Don’t you move, chief’

Gus Van Sant directs this drama film about a genius called Will Hunting (Matt Damon) who finds his true potential, beyond his cleaner job and jail sentances, in his therapist Sean (Robin Williams).

This wouldn’t ever enter- or did enter my ‘Top 5 Robin Williams’ films after his death in August last year, not only because I hadn’t watched it at that point but because I have no place for films like Good Will Hunting unless I am in the desperate mood to sit down and watch it; so it is definitely not my favourite film.

Matt Damon is a generally good actor and it is touching to see that such a genius character like his Will Hunting could be so troubled and running into the law all the time, and despite the fact that he has the brain for complex maths and equations, then he can only confide in his therapist to sort him out. Robin Williams was brilliant as well, and I often wonder if my opinion would be different if I watched the film before he died instead of watching it and thinking that his extra touch that he brings to films would never be the same again.

Ok film but I did not care much for Minnie Driver’s charecter of Will’s girlfriend Skylar- or the casting of her, especially next to such screen capturing actors like Williams or Damon. Worth a watch (if you have the time or energy) anyway.