Brief Encounter

by missizziemcguinness


‘Whatever that dream was, it wasn’t a very happy one’

There are certain movies which can never be made again. Sure, they can beat the death out of it with musicals, sequels and animated versions, but it can never be made in the same way ever again, maybe from the way that the director makes it or the time that it was made in. Brief Encounter happens to be one of them, similar to a vintage collective item.

The movie, which is in black and white and released in 1945, is about a happily married woman of two named Laura (Celia Johnson) who gets into a whirlwind of a romance with a handsome doctor Dr Alec Harvey (Trevor Howard) at a train station and speaks in a first person over voice as she begins to be tempted to run away with him, an issue which was seen as very scandalous in those days.

This movie still remains to be one of the most romantic films that I have ever watched, poignant, not very sloppy at all and still remains as a timeless classic. It is also my Mum’s favourite movie so there is no doubt that it has been watched all the time with my mother gushing how much Celia Johnson looks like her grandmother and fangirling over Trevor Howard; so I have become immune to any faults in an original love story that will never age, (although the meeting at the train station with a no stop train is very romantic, in the 21st Century Laura and Alec will be on the train texting each other ‘YOLO go for your faraway job babe xxxx). Brief Encounter has been parodied in multiple TV series episodes, such as an episode in the BBC sitcom My Family and is still the basis of some romantic films nowadays.

Good old classic movie, exceptional cast and the music used is not interruptive with the movie (bearing in mind that they didn’t have very many interruptive loud songs at the time).