The Theory Of Everything

by missizziemcguinness

‘Where there is life, there is hope’

The Theory Of Everything is about Professor Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne) and the relationship between him and his wife Jane (Felicity Jones) when he is diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease and beyond.

I went in with high expectations of the movie; when I saw the TV specials, the movie looked worth a watch, and it lived up to its expectations. It is hardly a physics lesson/lecture, or a complete biography of his life, because although there have been other films about Stephen Hawking, a biography of someone tends to stay on the biography channel.

Eddie Redmayne shone as Hawking, and we saw on screen how his condition got worse, how he conveys one of the cleverest people that has probably ever lived; and still manages to make us laugh despite the seriousness of MND. As for Felicity Jones; I did not care much for the relationship between her character and Jonathan, but she was very good as Jane and also very stunning. Of course, there also has to be the actor who you would see in most films, such as David Thewlis, who plays Hawkin’s professor. If there were Oscar nominations running for this film, I would hope that both Redmayne and Jones get at least one each.

Sad, spectacular and funny at times, but it make you realize to not judge people because they have a certain disease that gradually makes them unable to speak, walk and use most of the muscles that we take for granted.

Directed by James Marsh.