Top 5 films of 2014

by missizziemcguinness

1.) The Lego Movie


The creators made 22 Jump street. Fair enough. Morgan Freeman, along with Jonah Hill and Will Ferrell, star in the movie about the construction worker Emmett where everything is made out of lego bricks and figures and everything is ‘awesome’. Although it is suited more towards kids of about my brother’s age (10/11), I realized that I laughed a couple of times and I actually liked it, even though I only watched it because Morgan Freeman was in it. Catchy soundtrack and brilliant cast.

2.) Muppets Most Wanted


Although I have reviewed this in a recent post, Muppets Most Wanted is a feel good family film about the Muppets on their world tour, and Kermit has a Doppelganger. I love the movie although sometimes it was more like ‘Guess the Celebrity’ and often I didn’t realize who they were.

3.) Frozen


Although this film is heavily, if not overly advertised, when I saw the movie earlier this year it was decent enough to be passable. Frozen is about two sisters Anna and Elsa, and how they don’t get along as they grow up, mostly when Elsa becomes the Snow Queen. Although this is not in my top 5 of 2014, it is clearly one of the ‘best’ movies according to the critics and there was a huge craze at my drama class at the time and is still the interest of some children and adults, currently considered as a ‘Disney Classic’.

4.) The Fault in our Stars

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This is one of the movies that was very hyped. I read the John Green book and saw the movie, daydreaming and crying about how much of a gentleman Gus Waters was despite his cancer. The Fault in Our Stars is about two terminally ill teenagers called Gus (Ansel Elgort) and Hazel Grace (Shaileene Woodley) who meet at a support group and almost instantly fall in love. Like other fangirls and moviegoers, the waterworks were going off towards the end of the movie.

5.) Maleficent


I had been looking forward to watching this movie for ages, I was obsessed with Sleeping Beauty when I was younger and thought that Maleficent was creepy.

Maleficent, however, was different as it is told from her perspective. I liked the gothic tone of the story that was still there in the original, almost similar to ‘Snow White and the Huntsmen’, very distinguished but it felt like the Angelina Jolie Show, even though she did do a terrific job.

What is your favourite 2014 movie?