Muppets Most Wanted

by missizziemcguinness


”Herr Waltz dances the waltz!’

Ricky Gervais and many others star in the follow up to the 2011 movie The Muppets. Instead of ruining a large storyline (minus the removal of Jason Segel etc) and charecters like other sequels, Muppets Most Wanted potentially starts when the last one ends, filled with singing and many celebrity cameos until it was a ‘Guess the celebrity’ game, names including Lady Gaga, Celine Dion and Usher to name a few. Not that I’m complaining.

The lovable frog Kermit has been captured on their world tour, at the hands of Russian warden Nadya (Tina Fey with a Russian accent) while the worlds most dangerous frog doppelganger Constantine has taken his place. I don’t think there has been a full 100 minutes where I have loved every second of it without it feeling slow. It kept me laughing throughout the movie, however the clichés were a bit tiresome and I could only see Tina Fey in Mean Girls. My grandfather loves Miss Piggy and I have come to actually love the fun of The Muppets- it is one of those films which you can sit down and watch in any state and not have to think about anything.

Fun for all the family, and hilarious moments such as the duet between Miss Piggy and Celine Dion, Usher as an usher at the wedding and Christoph Waltz dancing the waltz!