Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

by missizziemcguinness



Twenties Girl is a young adult novel by Sophie Kinsella (the writer of the Shopoholic series), who uses her way with words and girly writing style to keep her hoard of readers entertained.

The novel is about an average agency co-founder named Lara Lington who can see and talk to her dead Great Aunt Sadie as a young woman, who only wants her prized possession, a dragonfly necklace, before she can be laid to rest.

Like other authors that I often read, like Giovanna Fletcher’s You’re the One that I want, but mostly Kinsella herself, Twenties Girl should not be taken seriously in any way. It is simply a girly novel where you can laugh, cry and play along with the charecters. Bad breakup and you still like the guy? I’m sure we can all relate to that. A relative that you knew was around, very old but really want to know, or only knew them very vaguely? Definetly. Some rich successful guy in the family? Yes.

The narrator doesn’t exactly speak like a whiny teenage girl or anything, mostly because Kinsella knows how to write and does not follow the ‘long road’ technique in her books, in fact, the conversations between Lara and the charecter of Great Aunt Sadie were often hilarious, like spying on her ex boyfriend or asking out a timid American businessman out on a date. All of that gathers together into a heart-warming sweet ending. It is also nice to realize that an old relative only wants a certain possesion even if she has lived for a long time.

Certainly one to read to unwind. Well written, entertaining, funny, not very predictable.