V for Vendetta

by missizziemcguinness


‘Beneath the mask there are ideas, and ideas are bullet proof’.

I must admit, I do not like the masks associated and worn in the movie, which are called Guy Fawkes masks (which is actually an anonymous mask for  protesting and hatred towards the government) and I never have, to the point of some sort of fear, on the same lines that I am not a huge fan of Natalie Portman films. Both of them are put together and mashed up  into a fairly lengthy but gripping dystopian thriller otherwise known as V for Vendetta. The film is basically Phantom of the Opera with hints of Beauty and the Beast sprinkled into it, spread into a well spent two hours filled with action instead of swearing at every opportunity (although some bits dragged on).

The movie is based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore and is presented in the same action-like way, even though I am probably under researched and biased when watching the film, as I haven’t read the graphic novel so I had no idea what was going on sometimes.

V for Vendetta was is about a young woman called Evey Hammond (Portman) who is rescued by the permanently smirking masked ‘terrorist’ who goes by the anonymous code name V (Hugo Weaving) in a dystopian London of the near future controlled by a dictator played by John Hurt, and V uses terrorist like behaviour to fight the dictatorial England and his old enemies. It also stars one of my favourites- Stephen Fry.

As I have mentioned, although I don’t like many of Portman’s films (they are all rather weird), she played Evey very well, expressing the torture etc though her face and English accent, realistic acting and screen prescence. As for Weaving, his portrayal was convincing beyond words, from the way he pulled off the charecter, the expression through the expressionless mask, that he never takes off or violently doesn’t want people to,  the anonymity of being  dressed head to toe in black, or the low, husky and rather creepy voice which often sounded like he was mumbling but was moreorless for effect. However, being Hollywood they had to fit in some semi love story towards the end which is both a bit random (bearing in mind that I have not read the graphic novel) but rather sweet, for good measure.

I found that the movie was heavy on symbolism and camera angles which are not just there to make the film look cool. Most of the film and is highly forgettable but I found myself needing a box of tissues by the end- I didn’t expect the ending to be so touching. I originally heard of it from a reference in the book of The Fault in Our Stars, but around this time last year some guy was wondering around where my sister is situated in a Vendetta mask, which is actually highly stupid, and I used the mask in a drama piece.

Slightly creepy, symbolic, worth watching for the duration of about two hours (but it ends when it ends), particularly as I saw it as nothing else but a channel flicker whenever it was on TV.

Remember, remember, the 5th of November, Gunpowder, treason and plot. I know no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot’

Good cast and storyline with heroic charecters, more of a thinkers movie than a flicker movie. Depending on the viewer, it is probably better with a second viewing and is very much open to interpretation.

Directed by James McTeigue.