The movie poem

by missizziemcguinness

I haven’t written for nearly three weeks as I have been busy with school, tests and homework and have not had the energy to do anything further than scheduling posts. Anyway, I have felt like writing a poem so here it is.

My fingers tap the keys on my computer,

Earphones in, a world away from the rest.

My friends are out partying, while I’m reviewing

some film about a treasure chest.


A mysterious party man, worth over a billion

bright lights, parties and glorious dresses

Jay Gatsby and Daisy, lost lovers, lost souls

The adaptation that F. Scott Fitzgerald told.


A lost troubled boy, sweet, psychic and 8.

Can’t help what he sees, can’t help what he says

Can see dead people, every moment of the day.

Bruce Willis, the surprise ending, nobody knows he’s dead.


Misunderstood teenager, the quiff, the fashion

There is no question that I love some older films with a passion.

Movies end, but their presence never do

and we turn back to reality, like we always have to.