Top 5 films of all time

by missizziemcguinness

There are movies which are worth watching for a prolonged time, just staring at the portable DVD player past its charge time which a couple of actors act out what was originally in a directors, scriptwriter or author’s mind. Others, however, are not worth it, even if it is down to personal opinion. Here are my top 5 films of all time.

1.) Saving Mr Banks


‘That wouldn’t be appropriate!’ 

I have previously written about this movie, I think I have previously written all of them on this list, but Saving Mr Banks easily comes in at Number 1. The movie is about the writer of the Mary Poppins series, P.L Travers, who looks back on her childhood as Walt Disney adapts her books to the silver screen. Emma Thompson is absolutely brilliant, her performance so sharp and realistic, Tom Hanks was excellent as Disney, probably the closest to Disney that you would get. Fun for all ages.

2.) Les Miserables


Who am I?/ Jean Valjean’

Musicals are very hit and miss. I have to say that I am not too sure about musicals, however I loved Les Miserables. My favourite youtuber Carrie Fletcher is in the stage version, and the 2012 musical version is excellent, poignant and slightly uplifting. We have the soundtrack on in the car, the cast such as Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe etc give the performance to beyond their best.

3.) Any of the Toy Story movies

‘To infinity and beyond!’

I do love a kids movie at any time. The carefree nature of it, the way you can sit down and watch it and not have to care about anything. I am also not guilty of having two Tom Hanks movies within about ten lines of each other. The Toy Story movies are about a group of toys, most notably Woody, Buzz, Mr Potato Head all owned by a young boy called Andy, and the toys secretly talk, owned by Andy up until he goes to college in the third movie. It is these sort of animated films which get the higher rating and are enjoyed by mostly everyone no matter what age you are.


4.) Mean Girls



‘That’s so fetch!’

The second one is rubbish, however the first one will always be a classic chick flick. I did not choose this film because of the slightly now- dry October 3rd joke, but because it is probably one of the most socially acceptable- to quote movies of all time. At the point when Mean Girls was released, Lohan did fairly good movies and her drug use was not highly publicized. I think anyone can relate to this movie too.

5.) 13 going on 30

images (9)

30 and flirty and thriving’

13 going on 30 is maybe one of the more slightly outdated ones, but it never fails to impress. The movie is about an unpopular teenager who wakes up after a failed  birthday party- and she is 30, with an athletic boyfriend and a dream job working at her favourite magazine. Although I am no longer 13 it would be quite cool to wake up on day with a dream job- in my case as a best selling writer after a rubbish party with everything that you ever wished; it is good to dream big. Jennifer Garrner was very good as Jenna, Mark Ruffalo was outstanding as her childhood sweetheart Mattie, and the boss Richard reminds me of my charismatic maths teacher.

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