Ghost (1990)

by missizziemcguinness


‘It’s amazing Molly. The love inside, take it with you’ 

Ghost is a Jerry Zucker film starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg. 

Many of you might have seen this film previously, or if you are old enough, maybe originally. Ghost is about a banker called Sam Wheat (Swayze) who had come back to earth to look over his girlfriend Molly (Moore) as dangers lie ahead of her, and seeks a false spiritual guide (Goldberg) to help him. 

The movie itself, I found, was a sweet classic, made famous for its somewhat saucy pottery scene and the theme song Unchained Melody by the Righteous brothers, and parodied multiple times. The effects throughout the film, however, are rather dated and laughable in this day and age, you could almost see the computer doing the early CGI effects, the green screens obvious.I shouldn’t make fun of 90s films, I would agree that they made the best movies ever. Anyway, When re watching this film after a year or two, I noticed many things in the film which I hadn’t noticed despite my long term obsession with the movie and Patrick Swayze three years ago, shortly after he died. Themes which went over my head previously, like how they basically all wanted to kill each other over money, leading to the notoriously sad ending. 

I found that Swayze didn’t look too bad for his day, and Ghost is a warming love story which is influential as I got influences by Ghost for the story which I have only just finished. It has since been made into a musical.  Other cast members, some of whom are now dead, include Vincent Schiavelli (from One Flew Over the Cuckoos nest) as the Subway Ghost, Rick Aviles as Willie Lopez and Tony Goldwyn. 

The conclusion: The context was sweet, the cast was good, the soundtack suited the darkish film but it terms of the CGI the effects have certainly moved on and have looked less robotic, but Ghost will always remain a classic.