Top 5 Robin Williams films

by missizziemcguinness

Although it has been a whole eight days since Robin Williams died aged 63, and it is still a shock that he committed suicide,  his films are timeless and have kept with most of my family, friends and practically everyone since they were little or younger. He has done nearly everything, from comedies to TV series to heartfelt dramas to stand up comedies, stretching his infinite ability to inspire and wow generations of children and adults.

1.) Mrs Doubtfire (1993)


‘It was a run by fruiting’

Williams’ stars as Daniel Hillard, a guy who cross dresses as a Scottish nanny to stay with his kids after his divorce. It is sweet, funny, and you could tell that he enjoyed dressing up as a woman, but when watching it shortly after his death, it brought tears to the eyes. Mrs Doubtfire was one of the films which I watched alot as a younger child, and everytime I watch it, it makes me smile, like Williams’ can do it fluently. Believe it or not, when I first watched it after his death, I pretended for the length of the film that he was still alive, then they said at the end ‘In memory of Robin Williams, who died this week’.


Aladdin (1992)


‘You never had a friend like me’

This use to be one of the videos which we had on video, and my favourite Disney masterpiece  aside from Sleeping Beauty. Anyway, Aladdin is about the urchin boy who is granted three wishes by Genie, and a magic carpet. I remember watching this more vividly when I was little, and thought that the magic carpet was so cool. It also has the energy that Robin Williams gives in all his films, but given to an animated character which in some ways looks like him in some shots (without giving any offense). This is one of his lifeless films, it never ages, and it is watch able at any age because it is so sweet. Apparently he fell out with Disney over this film, though, but his performance in this is unforgettable.

3.) Jumanji (1995)



I was, but I was in Jumanji

Williams’ plays Alan, a man trapped in a board game for 25 years, who can only be released if the players (Kirsten Dunst and Bradley Pearce) roll a 5 or an 8. Again, this was one which I distinctly remember watching in music and when I was younger, and it is one of his good but slightly weirder family films. I wish Monopoly was as cool as the Jumanji game though, and this movie is the sort which you would sit down and watch and do nothing much else. Williams’ performance is excellent, probably the best out of the whole film, although the movie leaves me and everyone rather sad because he has now died.

4.) Night at The Museum (2006)

Good Lord, Lawrence! Why are you slapping a monkey?


Here he plays Theodore Roosevelt, a doll of the former American president who comes alive at night, along with other exhibits at the museum. There have since been two sequels, but this one is the better one. When watching it, I was very much watching him, the moustached guy with the glasses in the cowboy hat, and thought his performance was outstanding. It’s sad thinking that he won’t be around to promote the newer NATM film.

5.) Flubber (1997)



‘You don’t have a stomach’

Williams’ plays a mad professor who invents a green jelly like substance called Flubber. I can’t remember most of the film because the last time I watched it was on a VHS, but I remember it being fairly good. It plays on the stereotype of a mad scientist, glasses, slightly weird, sometimes hair sticking up in all directions, and is definetly a 90s movie, kid friendly, fun.


What is your favourite Robin Williams film(s)?