RIP Robin Williams

by missizziemcguinness



‘You are only given one little spark of madness’ 

I only updated yesturday evening but I heard some really sad news that Robin Williams died from suicide aged 63. 

So , Rest In Peace Robin Williams. It is actually really sad that he seemed to come across as being an ordinary actor sometimes, then you realize that he battled plenty of issues himself, such as drugs and depression. I actually remember having Flubber on VHS, then watching Jumunji and Mrs Doubtfire all the time, which I still sometimes do now. He was also in the Night at the Museum films, Aladdin and August Rush .  

In a way he is a role model to everyone, not exactly, with the issues and stuff, but he presents is depression really about feeling sad? I think you’ll find that people with that problem probably cover it up by looking happy. Are drugs only a tablet? no, they kill people. Robin Williams was maybe one of the best actors which have entertained kids for generations, and although I don’t count him in the same section and Tom Hanks etc, it is just very sad. There is a part in Mrs Doubtfire between him and the white haired woman (can’t remember the name) and now in that scene neither of them are alive. 

So now, as you have gathered, he has killed himself. He was only in his early 60s as well. There are parts of this that nobody will know about. Nobody can pull off being a woman in drag as much as him. It must also be very sad for his family too, and my respect goes towards them. 

So, er, thank you Robin Williams. Thank you for entertaining several generations of viewers with your heart warming presence  in your films, and you’ll never be forgotten.