The Beach

by missizziemcguinness


‘there are infinite worlds out there’

Danny Boyle (the dude who directed Slumdog Millionaire) directs The Beach, a rather different film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tilda Swinton, to name a few A-Listers and based on the book by Alex Garland.

When given a mysterious map by a guy who commits suicide soon afterwoulds, Richard (Leonardo DiCaprio) embarks on a journey to Thailand, thinking that the island from the map still exists; There they smoke weed and swim for their lives to survive.

I wasn’t attracted to watching the film because of the actual plot, but instead the All Saints hit ‘Pure Shores’ and I thought it was only Leonardo DiCaprio running around on an island shirtless. Clearly I was mistaken, he was very much running around the island, but in actual fact all I saw was lots of blood, marijuana, maps, yelling and the assumption that sometimes it seemed a bit like Jaws. What was very obvious from early on was that it was no adventure story, when thinking of beaches I think of sand, sea and ice cream, but this film was a whole lot different. 

However, although the whole mysterious idea was probably meant to be keeping viewers gripped, after a while all the blood and finding people dead got a bit monotonous, and in a hurry I sort of got bored and switched over to an interview about The Rover. 

The thought of ‘you can’t turn back’ was rather clever, or maybe Richard was stretching his abilities too much.Leo DiCaprio seemed to fit the part, although he looked like an ordinary lanky pretty-boy teenager, whilst Tilda Swinton was very distinguished with the way she acts and the accent. 

I don’t think this is DiCaprio’s best film, and I haven’t watched any of Danny Boyle’s other works all the way through, but the benefits of a young Leo DiCaprio branching out a bit into darker, less family friendly films in his post Titanic days is rewardable but confusing.