by missizziemcguinness


‘What we do in life echoes an eternity’

 Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix star in this historical drama about a Roman slave called Maximus (Crowe) who is a general who became a slave, a slave which became a gladiator and a gladiator who defied the empire when Rome was under conflict.

The film itself is gruesome, funny, serious and deep, with a fantastic cast and directed by Ridley Scott. Russell Crowe puts his singing voice aside and instead seeks vengence for those who killed his family, although it is hard to see him in anything else aside from playing Javert, without meaning to typecast him. Even if I study history, I am not too keen on Roman history stuff beyond GCSE level, but this movie provides plenty of blood and battles and fighting to the death to keep it realistic and gripping, but not exactly historically accurate.  

Joaquin Phoenix, on the other hand, plays his charecter of Commodus, (the twisted guy who is too close to his sister and has scheming plans), way too well to describe. I haven’t seen any of his other films so I can’t compare him based on his other performances, but he is the type of person who would manipulate someone into doing risky things, in this case, fight to the death, or watch someone do so, as there is a famous picture of him from the movie doing a thumb thing wearing a crown. 

However, it is the sort of film which you can’t exactly get into from the opening scene, but when you do, you know you have. Despite it being a blood splattering film full of coliseums and sword fights similar to a fandom fight in modern terms, but In case you wanted to know it was Oliver! star Oliver Reed’s last role and earned many Oscars nominations (not the fandom fight, the film).

I think, in my personal opinion, that Gladiator is thoughtful, and the sound track suits the film. Again, the actors were very good but maybe the plot holes or inaccuracy would be pointed out by history buffs, not casual viewers.