About a Boy (2002)

by missizziemcguinness



If you put Hugh Grant and Nicholas Hoult (who, irrelevently, was about 12 when the film was done) in a film together, you will get About a Boy, a drama about two guys, Will (Grant), a thirty something man who has never worked a day in his life, or has had a long lasting relationship and who lives in the shadow that his father wrote a popular song. On the other hand, there is Marcus (Hoult), an awkward 12 year old boy who has the mannerisms to get himself bullied and teased constantly.

As this was one of Nicholas Hoult’s first roles outside the long list of TV series that he did previously, he as this charecter is a prime example of a nerdy boy, from the manner, the way he walks to the way he speaks and sings, but lets not forget the dodgy pudding bowl hair cut too.  Sometimes it sounded as if he was reading off a script, but it didn’t matter too much. As for Hugh Grant, he was Will, but he was only Hugh Grant, if you see what I am getting at.

As I have watched this film several times, mostly a couple of years ago, and back then some of the themes and jokes went over my head entirely, but now they are rather obvious.

There was a TV series of this done recently and I watched a bit of it but in my personal opinion, I was so use to the film that the series wasn’t too good.

The supposed father- son relationship, or the brothers one between Will and Marcus evolves as Will chases away the bullies, buys Marcus new shoes and comes across as being Marcus’ only actual friend. Plus, the chubby prepubescent Nicholas Hoult was very cute, but thank goodness that he has hit puberty because he is really hot now.

I flicked through the paperback but Nick Hornby when it was in stock at work experience, and from what I read, it was enjoyable. Good choice of cast, from Toni Collette who usually only plays the depressed mother to a cameo part from the boy who plays the son in My Parents are Aliens.