21 Jump Street

by missizziemcguinness


‘You saying we’re both convelent bonds?

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill star in this funny film about two policemen who pose as high school students and do high school stuff such as partying, prom etc to investigate the suppliers of a drug called HFS which killed a student in the school. 

Although Channing Tatum is usually the romantic lead in most of his films, and Jonah Hill is the rotund, dumb but still rather funny guy, I liked to see them try something a little different and something slightly more serious. Off topic, if Channing Tatum walked into my chemistry class claiming to be  a student, then I would suddenly get every known book to man about Convelent bonds and KNO3. As for Jonah Hill’s character, we can all relate to a disastrous play. 

As unresearched as I am, I haven’t watched 22 Jump Street, but my sister has (if you wanted to know both those factual bits of information). However, 21 Jump Street was produced by the guy who wrote Lego Movie etc 

I found that there were alot of stereotypes, like most American comedies have, like the nerds and the goths, but as my mum would say, it was very cleverly done. I didn’t realize that Ice Cube and Dave Franco were in it until I looked it up afterwords. 

I didn’t get most of the jokes too much though, but it was a generally entertaining film which I could probably watch several times in the same week. The idea when the first film ends where the second one supposedly begins is also very clever.