You’re the one that I want by Giovanna Fletcher

by missizziemcguinness




You’re the one that I want is about a woman named Maddy who has a bond with her two best mates  called Ben and Robert over a period of twenty or so years before she got married. Soon she is torn between the both of them romantically as she gets older. I picked out this book because it looked interesting and Giovanna Fletcher seemed like an appealing writer (and she is married to my favourite McBusted member Tom) or maybe it would get me back into reading again.

As I read it, I found that I enjoyed her writing style, it is not in any way patronizing and you could be gripped right from the start if the charecter would choose Robert or Ben, particuarly if they both betray her in some way, but what is umcomftable is the somewhat graphically described awkward scenes.

The novel, just by casual reading it, is like hard work, so much of it, confusing if you don’t know which guy that she is talking about, but rewarding eventually as you start to conclude what she would write next . Sometimes I would think ‘aww that’s so cute’ and other times I would think ‘why did I spend my book token on a book with really weird steamy parts in it?’, but I agree with the first part. 

If you want a book with a good, sweet ending, or one which the writer allows the reader to conlude the charecter’s mistakes for themselves, don’t hesitate to read it. 

Giovanna Fletcher creates realistic charecters (mostly the two main guys Robert and Ben) who make mistakes. They cheat, they lie, they forgive anyone who are hurt by their actions. It is as if they are actual guys who are people beyond the pages, who can tell you straight about their problems, and Maddy would be one of those people whos best friends are mostly guys, of which she has been friends with literally forever. 

I’m glad that, when reading it, that it appealed to an older audience, such as people in love, or people getting married or are about to. Maddy was not a whiny teenager throughout the book, or at all. Fletcher uses the technique of ‘(Enter name) nine years old’ to ‘”” “” twenty seven years old’ which I could apply into my own writing as an influence. 

This novel is very much down to your own tastes.