by missizziemcguinness

Before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she will fall into a sleep like death!

Angelina Jolie produces and stars in this dark film showing the evil fairy Maleficent (from the original story) point of view based on the 1959 animated masterpiece Sleeping Beauty. 

I wanted to watch this film as i constantly watched the original when I was alot younger, as I specifically remember having a tantrum if I didn’t buy the movie from the local DVD shop at the time. Maleficent looked and sounded interesting, however I wasn’t drawn into the movie because of one of the actors in the movie like I normally do. 

I found that Maleficent was a very dark movie, especially for a Disney based children’s film. What usually occurs in recent kids movies, like Frozen, for instance, is how they all don’t need a prince to save them or something along those lines. Sometimes I was watching how well Jolie could play an ‘evil’ fairy, or how it was clever that they included her back story, and other times I actually secretly wished that I could have gone to see The Fault in Our Stars (no offence to Jolie, the director or anyone who watched this film) . Elle Fanning played a very good Aurora, and it was interesting realizing that the younger Aurora was in fact Angelina Jolie’s daughter Vivviene Jolie-Pitt. Some of the charecters, however were very much token ones just to shape the story a little bit more. 

Lana Del Rey’s cover of Once Upon a Dream, (a song which I remember singing in my sister’s room with her friend and obviously my sister as a child) was very ghostly and haunting, like other Lana Del Rey music, which fits into the dark nature of this film as a whole. 

As I watched the film, I thought about what my six year old self would think, but a six year old me would be scared stiff and having tantrums, but I would have found the fairies quite funny. The film was still short enough to not drag on forever and I still had half of my cola left and some sweets once the movie had ended. 

Suprisingly ok film, I loved the dark nature but if you don’t like Angelina Jolie, you should probably give this film a miss.