The Joy of writing part 2

by missizziemcguinness


I think I did another post around last year about writing. Here it is:

The best part of writing, aside from the creativity of it, is the ability to escape into something that you have created yourself. Same applies for books, although I seriously need to read some more, though. It’s different people’s opinions if they don’t read, or hate writing, but they are in fact, missing out. Where do they escape to? 

I’m writing a story at the moment , which I am hoping to put up on one of my blogs once I’ve finished it, and it is the first proper story that I have done without the need to tear it up or dump it. Ok, I often need to grab ten minutes sometimes to jot stuff down, but the ability to be able to get a huge idea onto paper from your head. The best part about writing is when there is a huge part which you want to jot down, and the ideas keep coming until you have done four or five pages of fresh ideas which actually fit into the story. 

Writing is in fact probably a lost art. Several weeks ago, we had to write a story for a competition at school. Some people gave up within the first half an hour, some didn’t write much, then there was one of the smartest people in the class and I writing four sides or so. Once you start writing, you can’t stop. It’s so creative, like the paper is a canvas. 

Thanks for reading!