by missizziemcguinness







‘Some people are worth melting for’ 

Whenever a film is hyped, it either covers up how rubbish it is or starts a new craze. With Frozen, everyone was watching it, singing it, or discussing it. I think if you haven’t seen Frozen, you have either been living under a rock or probably felt like you have watched it from everyone talking about it. People at school were singing it everywhere, or discussing if they should sing Let it Go for their music exam, while people at my drama group were doing it as part of their pieces which we are told to perform. Even people I don’t actually know discuss it and probably watch it avidly. To add to the hype, it is also Oscar Winning and the highest grossing animated film of all time. 

Anyway, Frozen is about a girl called Anna who, along with a mountain man named Kristoff, his reindeer called Sven and a cute reindeer called Olaf, all of which who try and save the kingdom (which Anna’s sister Elsa is ruling) from eternal winter. 

It’s meant to be a children’s movie, but it’s the type of one with a message. Do you really want to get married to someone which you have just met, without realizing that you didn’t know him enough to know that he isn’t who you expected, he’s only using you and the other guy actually loves you instead? I love those kids movies which have a message, so you’re not just watching something aimed for six to eight year olds. I found that despite the hunky animated men, snow and cute snowmen, that this movie is rather dark to me. For instance, the broken relationship between Anna and Elsa, which use to be strong when they were young. 

The only thing I don’t actually enjoy as much about this film is the age old cliché of love at first sight, but it turns out to be untrue, so Frozen is in all ways unique and funny. Maybe it shows how women are not a slave to a man like in other fairytales, but in fact stand up to them.