Mean Girls

by missizziemcguinness




That’s so fetch!

Lindsay Lohan, (back in her innocent and probably non drug taking court trial days), plays a naive 16 year old girl named Cady Heron who moved from Africa into a public American high school, (North Shore High) only to fall into friendship with the most dangerous clique named the Plastics, and falling in love with the Queen Bee Regina George’s (Rachel McAdams) ex- boyfriend, hottie Aaron Samuels, leading to social suicide and drama that nearly every teenage girl can relate to. 

Mean Girls just turned 10 years old the other day, and although some of the references are probably rather outdated, it is still one of the most enjoyable films ever, and I can’t really imagine Mean Girls in 2014, with their personal Facebook group chat, Twitter page and Instagram profiles discussing whether butter is a carb or if Aaron Samuel’s hair looks sexy pushed back- thats like the rules of feminism! It also teaches us a lesson that you shouldn’t fall into the wrong clique or your life (high school one at least) will go up in flames, and thats not just the maths test results; which somehow got her into The Mathletes. Some current big stars also star, including Les Miserables 2012‘s Amanda Seyfriend.

Tina Fey starred in and wrote this film, so there is something about this movie that makes it socially acceptable to quote it all the time, but the only slightly monotonous thing about it is the cliched moment of pick up the pencil and fall in love. Some of the charecters were underdeveloped, mostly the guys in the movie, like Aaron Samuels, and only made him look like the stereotypical hot guy, nothing much else.