Grown Ups 2

by missizziemcguinness




Party crashers, bus drivers and ‘in’ guys doing back flips and weird hand shakes seem to be the centre of this rather hilarious and slightly mad film, starring Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Taylor Lautner who was respectively trying to outshine his Twilight role. The deer also had a starring part. I knew it by its reputation of grabbing many awards at the Golden Raspberries, but hadn’t watched it all the way through, until I was at a friend’s party. 

I actually found this film rather good, although in some bits I felt as if it could have been better, considering that I haven’t actually watched the first one properly, if not at all. I can’t see Taylor Lautner in anything other than the Twilight saga, so when he suddenly starts to act all tough, its not very realistic.

It’s a good film to watch with friends, eating popcorn, or if you like Adam Sandler, but other than that its not for you.