Saving Mr Banks

by missizziemcguinness



Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson star in this biographical comedy surrounding the making of the film Mary Poppins and how it was surrounded by Thompson’s charecter’s childhood. 

When stiff necked author P.L Travers (Thompson) travels to LA to meet Walt Disney (Hanks), she is incredibly hesitant about how her characters (of whom she is very particular of how they are portrayed in the film, like no facial hair for Mr Banks) despite his daughter’s request to make her best selling novel of Mary Poppins into a film, making a fuss about Dick Van Dyke. 

To start with,it’s the sort of film of which it starts, and you’re not too sure about what is going on, but you carry on watching and it is somewhat gripping, not only for its regular and effective flashbacks but how the whole film ties together by the end and reflects Travers’ childhood. It’s definetly touching, but not exactly sad. 

They picked the right cast, I don’t think anyone would have portrayed P.L Travers as a willing, rather strict author who is often appalled that they make up words and sometimes ruin her story as much as Emma Thompson, and as a massive fan of Tom Hanks films I was not hesitant to spend ten or so quid on this movie (I don’t use Netflix) and I think it was worth the money. The only problem with this film is in some parts it dragged on a little with no singing in sight. 

Again, the cast was superb, like Colin Farrell and Paul Giamatti. It was funny in regular places so it wasn’t as if you were watching some dull documentary on the Biography channel with annoying voiceovers and the film didn’t need so much voiceover.