The Lego Movie

by missizziemcguinness



‘Introducing the double decker couch, so everyone can watch TV and be buddies,’

When I originally thought of watching The Lego Movie, I thought, ok, its going to be a boring, over the top loud film for people aged about 3-10 years old. Obviously not. My accusations were wrong. It is for any age, and stars good actors, like Morgan Freeman and Will Ferrell.

 The Lego Movie is about a construction worker called Emmett who joins a quest to stop an evil mastermind Lord Business who (spoiler) is actually the president who’s actual name is Business Business Business.

The Lego Movie kept me laughing throughout all hour and forty minutes of it, and it certainly went down well with my 9 year old brother- who loves Lego, my Mum and older sister. It was entertaining to watch Batman have a good side to him as well. The use of toilet humour wasn’t overused and stupid (Honey, where are my paaaaaaaaaaaannnnts?), and never has a film ever persuaded me to buy a double decker couch, especially a children’s film. The Morgan Freeman character on a string was comical as well, never did I realize that he suited playing a Lego piece so much, especially after watching Million Dollar Baby. 


There were no screaming babies, and the only bad thing about this film is it dragged on in parts and the people on a date two rows in front who should just keep to themselves.  

Total for this film: 9/10  

Thanks for reading