Outnumbered S5 Episode 5 and 6

by missizziemcguinness


Outnumbered has officially ended. Wednesday evenings will be empty, no Outnumbered to cheer us up from a long day and realize that they are probably going through the same thing. Anyway, enough with the sloppiness, here is a look back at the last two episodes of this award winning programme.

Episode 5  


My name is Lee. 

Bad phone signals, phone stolen by a foreigner, being stranded at the bus stop and talks with the headmistress cause problems in this episode. I must say that this episode was not one to relax to, but probably the most realistic in terms of disaster and probably at the point where Outnumbered needed to end. There’s not much to say about this episode, aside from the fact that it feels as if you’re in their position. It’s better when they’re grown up, because it is not as if you are watching little kids again and thinking They’re only kids. Karen was finally put in her place after years of winning arguments, but told by her headmistress that she is basically nothing and given a copy of the book  Lord Of The Flies. 

Episode 6 

Karen, why arn’t you in bed?” “Because I’m in the kitchen’

The last proper episode that Outnumbered will ever have. Auntie Angela has returned with her new American boyfriend (I think he was just put there as a filler), Grandad is ill (assumed from previous series from his dementia but was never seen on screen in this series), Ben has nerves about his performance of Spartacus.

I think they should have improved the ending slightly. It was very sweet about the play, but maybe rounded it off with Jake leaving, but maybe I can see why they didn’t. The hamster was found at last and we just had to say goodbye to them, whether we liked it or not. It’s been good while it’s on (plenty of fangirling of Ben and Jake if you’re under 17).

I don’t think they should have brought Stacey back. I thought she would stay well and truly out of reach, away from everyone, but again like Angela’s boyfriend she was slightly more of a background character.

Bye Outnumbered! (2007-2014)