The Crash Episode 1

by missizziemcguinness


Intense, gripping and melancholy. The Crash is a two part TV movie that follows the story of a group of  friends who are involved in a car accident soon after their prom. My sister suggested that I should watch it as I am in fact writing a fairly short story about a car crash which I hope to put up sometime.  

Firstly, I thought it would be really predictable, like you would know what would happen in the final scene when watching a minute of it. It wasn’t, surprisingly, or one sided either. I made predictions and it turned out to be something completely different.  At the least of moment, the feel good prom scene was long gone, along with the bright engagement part, to be replaced with carnage, tension, and slight gore. Realistic.  I have never heard of any of the actors in it, which is good so I can focus more on how they act in a serious situation as it is apparently based on a true story. 

If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you watch it, although you might need several boxes if tissues because it grabs you by the throat by the end. The only problem with The Crash is sometimes it was a bit awkward or slow, but brilliant considering it is a BBC3 programme; oh yeah and there’s lots of eye candy so it doesn’t get boring.