Outnumbered S5 Episode 4

by missizziemcguinness


‘One time someone stole someone else’s custard,’

Camping, carbs and cake joins in the latest episode of the award winning sitcom, who, 4 weeks ago, welcomed us back into the hectic and too- close-to comfort Brockman household.

Ben and Pete go on a camping holiday, resulting in using bacon as traps, using condoms and socks to carry water while realizing why they have extra light not for the light, while Pete’s  goddaughter (who is a bikini model) Stacey attempts to talk to Karen about diets, which desperately worries Sue and Jake has to think about his gap year. 

This episode is one of the ones where you don’t know what to think of it the first time round,but I think the thing with this series is that they get better as the series goes on. There’s only two more episodes left to watch. (NOOOOOO, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY WEDNESDAY EVENINGS AFTER THE REMAINING TWO WEEKS ARE OVER??????) 

However, they can’t keep dragging on Outnumbered, especially as Tyger -Drew Honey is now 18 and in some places the episode was rather monotonous.