The BAFTAS 2014

by missizziemcguinness


BAFTAS. One of the highlights to the movie businesses year where celebrities dress up in glitzy designer dresses and the men show off in their fancy suits (tuxedos) with their arm candy companions to what is basically a glitzy prize giving. 

So whether it is Stephen Fry presenting, Tom Hanks’ fingers in mouth whistling, Leonardo DiCaprio’s kiss at the camera which got people fangirling, Emma Thompson flicking two fingers up, or Will Poulter and his experiences with watching Finding Nemo with his Dad, The BAFTAS has it’s comical side to it, even if everyone was apparently antisocial at the afterparty. 

I don’t think, as far as I know, that Prince William has ever presented, but even so he did a good job at it. 

Many movies, two of which are Gravity which won a fair amount and 12 years a Slave won Best Movie, however I thought that Tom Hanks would win multiple awards, and Leonardo DiCaprio as well.

As a movie fan, I enjoy watching award shows like The BAFTAS, even if it means annoying my older sister by squealing and fangirling. Stephen Fry’s one liners in the middle of every category was definitely lifting, especially when he speaks German.

On the downsides, the BAFTAS again reminds me of a prize giving where one person leaves with multiple awards while others (Tom Hanks or Leo DiCaprio) leave with nothing.  

Thanks for reading.

BAFTAS= 9/10