Outnumbered S5 Ep3

by missizziemcguinness



“I just wonder how things grow, and grow”


Babies, lies and goddaughters bring a breath of teenage boys and memories in this third episode of the latest Outnumbered series. Jake has a girlfriend round and talks to Ben about girls as Ben is still Spartacus but has an eye for Pete’s goddaughter (who, according to Sue, dresses like a prostitute), Karen is her normal self, although she is still concerned about the hamster under the floorboards and Sue is trying to look after a cute baby called James.

This is far off from any other of the three episodes released already. Ben is releasing his inner teenager, and although Jake reminds me way too much of my older brother it is like we have seen him (Jake) grow up. Watching Outnumbered every Wednesday at 9pm has become part of my week, and it would be unfortunate when those six episodes are up, however it is a little too close to comfort.

It would be sad to see it go, but that is three weeks away and I can already draw conclusions.

If I would rate this episode I would give it a 8/10