Ounumbered S5 Episode 2

by missizziemcguinness



Outnumbered returns for the second episode of the 5th series. Everything is hectic as usual and unforgivable as the printer goes bust, eldest son gets driving lessons and insists for a paid instructor, Ben has a fascination in knuckle cracking and psychology theories whilst Karen remains distant from her ‘family of losers’ when Pete messes things up and causes controversies at her swimming gala.

As a teenager, and since the children are now teenagers, it is a relatable programme now. The boy who plays Ben (Daniel something, I think it was Roche I can’t remember) is now eye candy so there is always an excuse for fangirling after a long Wednesday.

This episode gave what the last one lacked. Humour. It was funnier in a way that the antisocial dinner was somewhat hilarious to watch. 

The main concern of Outnumbered, however, I thought that in some places it was more of a nearly all teenager soap opera rather than a TV show. Great show, in fact it is sometimes like I am watching myself (as my Mum would say- too close to comfort). Who doesn’t want to watch a programme which they can relate to, eh? 

Other than that, I think this episode is funny and  relatable, especially when Ben plays on his games console- it cracked me up because my younger brother is just like that (I mean he loves games) 

Verdict: 9/10

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