Outnumbered series 5 Episode 1

by missizziemcguinness



Pete, Sue, Jake, Ben and Karen (otherwise known as the Brockmans) are back after a long awaited series 5. Long gone are the days of Karen’s blonde hair, Ben faffing around with a toy gun and Jake being that floppy haired moody boy, and in it’s place are three teenagers and two middle aged parents. I am sorry to say this but any comedy writer can do a comedy series about  teenage children and middle aged parents, examples including now-axed My Family and probably 2point4Children. 

I waited for this series to come. I counted down the days, hours, minutes until I could finally watch the final series of the programme that I actually enjoy sometimes. All I got was two whiny parents complaining about everything, and a programme too quiet and dry to watch. On the bright side, middle son Ben has turned into a promising tall fittie version of an Alan Davies look a like and it it as if all of them have grown up on BBC1 and it is like they have never left.

SPOILERS: So Jake has got a tattoo which is from a cheap tattoo parlour in camden market. Ben is auditioning and eventually wins the part of Spartacus, despite the parents realizing that from previous occasions that he ‘sounds like a walrus’. Karen is trying to fit into secondary school with little luck (we’ve all been there).


There’s something about Outnumbered that is somewhat relatable. Now that they are all teenagers, it creates a new and last chapter to people who love Outnumbered, and although it is an alright episode it is good that is coming to an end- just imagine three kids still living in the house in their mid twenties. 

Despite previous critisms, it is a good start to a series that has been promised and long awaited.