5 reasons why I blog.

by missizziemcguinness

Ever since my sister helped me to set up my WordPress account back in June, I have been interested to show my personal opinions about movies, actors and occasionally music. So, why do I blog?

1.) Watching the views numbers and the number of followers going up boosts  confidence- one of the best things about blogging is when you write a post and suddenly people start to like it.

2.) Learning what readers like- Obviously I’ve written blogposts that appeal to the wrong age group of people on this site, such as McFly and the latest The Wanted album, and since that I have realized that those sort of things only get one view at the most and maybe a post about Nelson Mandela and Asa Butterfield get quite a lot of traffic because maybe that’s what people like to read about. 

3.) I sometimes suggest to others that they should start- Since my sisters and my younger brother have started blogging, my friend has started blogging too and I suggested that maybe she should write about her sibling who has special needs from a perspective that is never usually looked at. The result was brilliant and if you have the chance, get your friends into it as well.

4.) Improves writing skills- sounds a bit like what a teacher might say or whatever but blogging is the most effective way in this day and age to put yourself and your blogs out there for everyone to see and often to relate to.

5.) Reading other people’s blogs- To get inspiration I actually read other people’s blogs, not only for the context but the way that they write it. I have read some that  share how they deal with a particular problem they have while others write food blogs.

Thanks for reading.