Back to The Future

by missizziemcguinness



Never has a time travelling film or franchise worked to the extent of this film. Some time travel films are simply corny, some are instantly forgettable, some are what you wouldn’t want to waste two hours watching. Back to The Future is not one of them. My brother loves Back To the Future so I would often watch bits of it, but never all the way through as such.

Back to the future (as many of you already know) is about a teenage boy named Marty McFly (Micheal J Fox) who is sent back by accident to 1955 instead of staying in 1985 in a time travelling car, (known as the Delorean) invented by his eccentric white haired friend Doctor Emmett Brown (often called Doc, played by Christopher Lloyd), of said car goes at 88 mph and wishes for his parents who were then in high school to unite, often with weird consequences and the target of tough bullies Biff and his gang.


This film is actually rather hilarious and I can see why it was one of the biggest movies of the 80’s that everyone loved. However, I found that most of the lines were rather stalkerish- if some guy who looked exactly like you came to your door and dictated your future it would be rather weird, and it is likely that you would slam the door in his face.

Micheal J Fox works for this film. He is a perfect example of someone who would go back anywhere and is the target of bullies because of his short stature and put across as a bit of a wimp. Whenever I watch this movie I always find it rather good, thinking, what if you went back in time and met someone who neither of you had any idea that you were related to them, an example of which that George McFly has no idea that Marty is his son.


I like how Back to The Future often uses archive footage (footage filmed prior) to connect the past to the present, or the present to the future, such as when he sees himself shot by terrorists and blends into the second Back to the future film. The picture which is often seen and some parts of it disappear is a good effect which shouldn’t be copied without it looking corny. If you havent’t seen Back To The Future, I would suggest that you should watch it.

The only downsides to this film is that I generally prefer the second one because people haven’t seen the future yet. Other than that, it’s a classic movie that only works because it’s reasonably grounded (not full of awkward scenes or major battle scenes).