Top 5 films and songs of 2013

by missizziemcguinness

 Although 2013 ended 4 days ago, nothing much has obviously happened this year as it has only just started aside from the death of that Bel- Air guy (Not Will Smith). Since fairly good films came out last year, along with brilliant songs, I have decided to review my personal top 5 favourite songs and 5 favourite films of 2013.


1.) Young and Beautiful- Lana Del Rey


Lana Del Rey supplied her husky, rather ghostly voice for the soundtrack of the successful Baz Luhmann adaptation of Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The vintage backing track to Rey’s normally upbeat tunes provide a 1920’s sound to fit into the movie and make it not too modern. If it was anyone else providing the song it would not work because only she can make the song work.

2.) The Wanted- Show Me Love (America)


The Wanted turn moody with this violin rich ballad. Although it didn’t get to Number 1, it reminds me of their Heart Vacancy days only this song is a bit more mature and is more emotional if it is not your best day, especially the violins that create a solemn effect compared to their normally upbeat music. There is no point comparing them to any other boy band before them because they are individual.

3.) Jason Derulo- Talk Dirty


This song is actually rather rude, not so much Jason Derulo’s part but more 2 Chainz explicit rap in the middle, which,to be honest ruins the base of the song. Other than that, it is actually rather catchy despite it’s innuendo lyrics and Derulo’s dance moves are good for the type of song. 

4.) Mirrors- Justin Timberlake


JT goes a different way in this song. Rather than dancing around girls that are younger than him, he creates a song that is actually dedicated to his wife. Although this song is often overplayed on the radio, there is nothing about it that is pointless or boring about it. The video for this song is rather interesting, an old woman looking back on her life, effective, and classic. Symbolic, the often noticeable ring that falls into Timberlake’s hand at the end. 

5.)  Royals- Lorde


Another teenage artist comes along and everyone loves them for their innocent voice and squeaky clean image. Then they go downhill. Lorde; Unlikely. Although she is only 16 or 17 she is probably likely to be singing until she’s old. Her single Royals is sweet, meaningful, and calm compared with the R’n’B that takes over the music channels. You can somewhat relate to her song and she shouldn’t be compared to anyone, because she’s individual, and as long as the media doesn’t ruin her like they did to Justin Bieber (why I am comparing Lorde to Justin Bieber I do not know). 


1.) The Great Gatsby


Having reviewed this film already, there isn’t anything else to say about it other than that the soundtrack fits in with the complex topic in the film, the dangers and bright sides of the 20’s. Generally glamorous film that is not biased at all so they don’t just show the glamour of parties but the cold blooded husbands of dazzling women. The only problem with Great Gatsby is you can’t take Tobey McGuire seriously; and Leo DiCaprio’s accent is dodgy in terms of keeping it (old sport). 

2.) Star Trek Into Darkness


Benedict Cumberbatch is anything but Sherlock in this sequel to 2009’s Star Trek. Eye candy everywhere in the Enterprise which makes something like Star Trek  appealing to everyone. I think this film is cleverly done despite the fact I previously never have any interest in sci-fi movies. 

3.) Epic


The all- star cast makes this movie appealing, even if it is a children’s movie. A good kid’s film should be made up of at least 1 Oscar winner, at least 1 singer, a TV judge and a couple good looking/ pretty actors or actresses all with good voices for an animated film. This movie is hilarious and not just for children, but for all ages.

4.) The Croods


I saw this with my brother and Mum when it came out in the cinema, and it was actually rather funny. Yes, cavemen would not do what they do in the film, but this movie, despite being animated, requires animation and a sense of humour, Not one for a ‘keyboard warrior’.

5.) Warm Bodies


I don’t like or watch zombie movies but this one is an exception, especially if it is a awkward-turned-fit actor such as Nicholas Hoult in the lead male role. This is slightly more toned down than any other zombie film, maybe a Twilight but with zombies and no cheating scandals behind it. It’s a bit clichéd sometimes, the whole romance genre is, and this movie is good if you are a teenager, live with a teenager, or love Nicholas Hoult, or if you don’t want to/ don’t like something higher like Shaun Of The Dead or World War Z.