Gangsta granny

by missizziemcguinness


I watched this TV movie having high expectations of it, my brother and mum had read it, and this TV movie adaptation starred David Walliams and Miranda Hart, of whos programme I watch often. 

Gangsta granny is a 60 minute TV movie about an 11 year old called Ben who spends time with his ‘boring’ grandma who turns out to be a former jewel thief. 1 Miranda Hart trying to be a horrible Robbie Williams and dance obsessed mother later (which clearly didn’t work, I expected her to suddenly make faces or crack some crude joke at the camera), an appearance from Robbie Williams and an legend of Joanna Lumley later, I came to the conclusion that this movie was outstanding, emotional and hilarious. 

The fact that David Walliams was in it was effective. Although I haven’t read the book, I thought that no one else aside from Walliams would be able to play a character like that. 

The little boy who played Ben (who turned out to be called Reece Buttery) was a little chubby but played his part very well with plenty of emotion and potential for his future in doing programmes like that. Joanna Lumley playing the queen was very entertaining. 

However, as I mentioned, Miranda Hart can’t pull of being horrible, I only ever see her as the bubbly, slightly awkward character in Miranda. If I had read the book maybe I would have different assumptions of the movie.

*in this case, gangsta is spelt the slang way, not gangster. 

Thanks for reading!