McFly (or McBusted)

by missizziemcguinness


As a fan of music that maybe my older siblings grew up with, I can’t help but to take interest in a band that have been around for ten years- a long time for a band, especially ones who, behind those smiles and sparkly music videos, have either experienced or have gone through depression or related issues. Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter, Tom Fletcher and Harry Judd- McFly, or now, as they have joined up with Busted to form McBusted so James Bourne and Matt Willis are now in the band as well.

The band (as McFly) formed in 2003 and the name actually came from a film I have to watch a lot because the little brother loves it- Back To The Future, of which Fletcher loved the film. They went through many hair and music changes, from the heavily gelled long fringes, baby faces and low slung trousers to most of them being married and generally well dressed. From 2003 they released hits such as  5 Colours in her hair and Obviously, singing for tween- age and teenage glory.

Time passes and soon they are in Just My Luck amongst releasing music, still in their heavily gelled hair stage and being involved with Linsay Lohan.

The personal problems- which are obviously none  of my business, such as Fletcher’s revealed bipolar and drink to Poynter’s drug use, I’m a celebrity appearance and wild antics with Lindsay Lohan from Judd kick in post- teenage years starts to unfold.  

Personally, I love their songs, especially their new song Love is on the Radio, which includes a Micheal Jackson impersonator and mini- McFly’s or Obviously as the young McFly hang around on a golf course. They are a mature, long living band who still carry on with their music despite probably being ‘older’ in the music or entertainment industry, whether they are in a super group or not. They have lived through a generation of fans growing up throughout their duration as a band and look as if they’re not going to split up.

On the other hand, I think them joining up with Busted is not such a good idea. Both are phenomenal bands, in terms of good music but McFly were fine on their own and are often kicked off the music market so fresh faced bands often take their place in terms of being baby faced and innocent.