Body image of boy/girl bands or singers

by missizziemcguinness

Have you ever bothered to open a magazine and see yet another squeaky clean boy band promised to be the next {enter successful pop group}. I am not complaining, in fact, I love music and stuff but all these pop groups at one time means there’s not enough room for older ones on the market- there’s only so many curly haired Harry Styles look a-likes in a newcomer pop group to make the pop industry more of a competition than anything else.

As a fan of The Wanted, they (reporters) are trying to spoil the guys’ image media wise by making them belong to horrible nicknames such as The Unwanted. I don’t want to turn into some sort of IMDB message board rant, but they are more than a manufactured boy band, in fact, they are only picking on the Wanted because they are older than nineteen with a mature approach to music.  

Newer acts such as The Vamps look like they are a nine year olds head glued onto an eighteen year olds body but holding onto a guitar to show that they are in fact in a band; Same goes for girl bands, there is only so much you can psychoanalyze Perrie Edwards from Little Mix without ruining her image and picking at them bit by bit.

On the other hand, The Saturdays or One Direction  etc have to put on a squeaky clean image, hardly anyone, aside from maybe their girlfriends or wives know or care about what they are like in private but the press only want to squeeze a story out of them until they go mental. Up until two years ago Justin Bieber was seen as a floppy haired angel boy with the purple hoodies until the fame got to his head (or is that just Huffington Post and Daily Mail exaggerating everything?).

As long as people get good music, that’s all they care about.

Thanks for reading