The joy of writing.

by missizziemcguinness

It’s weird how much ideas pour from your head to a piece of paper or a word document and slowly unravels until, after some editing, is a creation. I find it is somewhat a use of escapism because it is like creating a world of your own where, unless you make the characters to do so, are not horrible or appear to be rude or two faced like reality . Big authors such as J.K Rowling, who is now a worldwide, successful author, started out writing down her ideas on envelopes and is now the author of all 7 successful Harry Potter books, that’s a good idea of how a small idea can turn into a story.
As a keen storywriter myself, and have been since I was about six, I enjoy nothing but writing whatever comes to my head, whatever time of day and hope to be some sort of writer some day. I often don’t write from experience and write more of the voice of the character, but it pulls you into the story.
The worst thing is probably writers block. The awkward moment when the pieces of story are written but there is a missing part but you can’t think of anything.
Thanks for reading!