JLS split

by missizziemcguinness

When X-Factor band JLS announced their split earlier this year, I wasn’t surprised. If that was said in a magazine maybe two years ago, I would have hated the thought of it, but I now see them as a disinteresting band who are desperate for another Number 1 despite the fact that there are newer boy bands on the market such as Union J and One Direction.

Their songs are good, but from a perspective of a younger person who has grown up listening to JLS, their time has been long up since one of them has family plans and I heard they are not very nice to some fans nowadays. Like similar bands, they are brought up and thrown back down in disgust because in media terms, men who are aged around mid to late twenties are too old to be doing backflip sand suddenly showing their torsos mid song.

That’s only my opinion. They have done well for themselves and there would be no doubt some sort of reunion tour in five years.