Star Trek Into Darkness

by missizziemcguinness



Never before have I appreciated a science fiction film as much as this movie. I haven’t watched the original, and sci-fi movies are stereo typically aimed at geeks. That statement is wrong, because geeky/ films aimed at guys are usually better than most chick flicks, more gripping and serious, more three dimensional so you are more part of the action. Often less predictable but overpowering with the CGI and thinking that maybe the whole film was done in front of a green screen with directors, producers, camera people, actors and harnesses. 

Anyway, Star Trek into Darkness is the twelfth installment of The Star Trek movies and is about  a manhunt to hunt down, trial and capture the man, firstly known as John Harrison, but soon later to be revealed as Khan. It is the highest grossing Star Trek film, according to a source.

In my opinion, I liked seeing Benedict Cumberbatch playing a character out of his comfort zone and when he is on, he is either being punched in the face by Chris Pine or vice versa. I liked how they used the camera angles to show his character and that he wasn’t in it every moment of the film, only making regular occurrences. His low, distinguished voice and face show mystery as he tricks the couple at the beginning that he will save their daughter. The use of reasonably good looking actors show a more wider target audience for the film so people can secretly fan girl Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Pine. The way they actually include the women in the film inside of using them as an object in the background is interesting.

The only thing I must criticize about this movie is that again, I haven’t watched the first one, or the original ones so I didn’t really understand most of it and in some parts it dragged on. 

If I would give this movie a rating I would give it an 8.5/10