How ridiculous the second Justin Bieber movie sounds like.

by missizziemcguinness

Two years ago, Justin Bieber had a film made about him called Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. At that point I actually liked Justin Bieber because he had that teenagery music-feel about him. I know he’s now nineteen and wants to grow up and I have friends who are obsessed with him, but a second movie, really? At least do a movie about Justin Timberlake or whatever but not another one about him.

So anyway, I was watching the trailer to the Justin Bieber new movie and thought to myself, This looks terrible, despite the fact that a trailer is only for selling purposes and I am not what you would call a Belieber or whatever the fans are called. With the height of his recent ‘scandals’ trying to do another movie is not the answer. 

That’s only my opinion. I won’t actually know unless I drag myself to watch it. Or if you are a belieber.